Over 30 Years of Opportunity!

GreenIcon2PHG: People’s Homesteading Group, Inc. (“PHG”) is a Maryland 501 c (3) non-profit building contractor and affordable housing developer representing the Central Baltimore neighborhoods of Barclay and East Baltimore Midway.  PHG specializes in full-gut renovation of vacant historic homes; and lead-safe deconstruction and razing that combines demolition with recycling and reuse of deconstructed materials.   As a developer, PHG renovates strategic vacant properties to provide quality, green and healthy homes for sale to families of all incomes and to maximize the renovations’ positive impact on community safety, health and desirability.

Recent News

PHG completes full teardown at 20 ½ Street!


Twenty-two (22) row houses fully deconstructed by hand on the 300 block of 20 ½ Street.

Deconstruction Laborer Nikia McDonald Delivers Knock Out Testimony

March 8, 2014
Nikia McDonald, a deconstruction laborer for PHG, provided outstanding testimony in front of committees for the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate on the true value of a job for some one that was previously incarcerated.

Nikia McDonald, Executive Director Michael Mazepink and the whole  PHG Deconstruction staff were in Annapolis to support state bond funding to complete the Greenmount Worker Training Facility.

Grand Valley State gives PHG a New Coat of Paint

March 7, 2014
Twelve students on alternative spring break from Grand Valley State braved the snow (and shoveled some too!) on their annual trip to Baltimore to volunteer for People’s Homesteading Group.  While the snow prevented their usual garden maintenance, the students gave PHG’s main office a thorough spring cleaning and a fresh coat of paint!  What a difference!

Alternative Breaks is a student organization at GVSU that strives to promote active citizenship within the student body through hands-on service learning projects, focusing on social and environmental issues throughout the nation.   Find out more at

Spring has Sprung! Bernie is in!

Actually it is the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood (BRNI) contract that has come in.  PHG is one of 12 organizations that were part of the successful Central Baltimore Partnership application to Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.   PHG received $100,000 to help fund the renovation of gorgeous row houses on Historic E. 22nd Street!  More at central Baltimore, DHCD

Stay tuned for updates on Historic E. 22nd Street!

PHG Deconstruction Workers go to Annapolis.

February 26th, 2014
Executive Director Michael Mazepink and all of our deconstruction staff visited Annapolis to meet with the LIST POLITICIANS on funding for the Greenmount Construction Training Facility aka the Hardware Store.  They also toured the Naval Academy and the capital buildings where Mr. Mazepink received a shout out from the Senate floor!

MASSIVE Full Teardown Deconstruction in Action

Full teardown is under way at the 300 block of E. 20 ½ street.  After completing the Lead-Safe gutting of the row houses, all twenty-two (22) row houses will be deconstructed by hand!


Coming Soon – New Homes on Historic E. 22nd Street

Client: New Home Buyers on Historic 22nd Street

PHG will be begin renovating nine three-story rowhomes in late spring!  Located on the 400 and 500 block of E. 22nd Street in the Barclay – Greenmount Historic District, these gorgeous homes are 2200+ square feet featuring green and healthy features.  Priced to sell from $199,000.

Stay tuned!

300 block of E. 20 ½ street

Client: Telesis Corporation

Full teardown deconstruction of twenty-two (22) vacant row houses.  Deconstruction is simply disassembling the building the reverse of how t was put together – by hand.  The majority of deconstructed materials will be either recycled or reused for community projects.

Greenmount Construction Training Facility

Client: PHG’s Deconstruction Staff
Worker Safety Improvements.  An 800 SF renovation including work gear change room, 7-head shower, locker room, restroom, and laundry facilities to ensure that our workers don’t take lead or other hazards home from the jobsite.


PHG provides opportunity through empowerment not handouts

We are helping to revitalize our city through the untapped strengths of it’s citizens – one house at a time.